SABA CFD-1RR Single Door Commercial RefrigeratorThere’s something missing from your kitchen that you can’t quite put your finger on. You survive day to day and meet basic demands, but you have so much more potential. What can you do to reach your highest capabilities? Well, you can get yourself the incredible SABA CFD-1RR.

Give your kitchen a more professional look and your employees a more professional environment. You don’t have to renovate the entire room. You can accomplish this with the SABA CFD-1RR 29” One Section Solid Door Reach In Refrigerator!

It has everything you could want without going overboard on extraneous applications. It transforms your kitchen without overwhelming your unique nuance. It’s the piece that you never knew was missing. So what is hiding behind this inconspicuous appeal that makes it such an amazing industrial fridge?

The Features You Can Expect with the SABA CFD-1RR

A bottom-mount commercial refrigerator is a perfect addition to your cook line. While you get things hot and steamy on the grill, its condenser uses cool air near the floor to run efficiently. The condenser’s proximity to the floor also protects it from greasy steam and other dense material in the air.

Additional protection and a sleek sheen are provided by the stainless steel design found inside and out. You can run this industrial fridge for years to come without worries of rust or severe stains. The health inspectors will love it!

Since its design makes cleaning so simple, you have more time to enjoy the 23 cubic feet of space inside. Three shelves reaching a depth of 32” plus additional upper storage will hold every ingredient you need for that next big order! Finally, racing back and forth from the kitchen to a faraway cooler has come to an end.

As if it doesn’t already sound like a dream come true, there are even more benefits with this commercial fridge!

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What are the Pros of this Commercial Refrigerator?

The SABA CFD-1RR 29” One Section Solid Door Reach In Refrigerator is so easy to use and maintain. On the rare occasion it might start thumping, clunking, or just stop working, it has built-in error codes. These codes correspond to different service issues, saving you hours of diagnostic work! It’s simply a matter of looking in the manual.

Although very few cases of reported issues can be found with this fridge, there’s no reason to worry if you do! There are hundreds of SABA technicians available nationwide for assistance. They understand these machines inside and out to bring you the best service.

Comforting reliability extends far beyond the technical proficiencies of this commercial fridge. The impressive Energy Star rating is invaluable proof of its energy efficiency and consequently, its financial relief. It’s as friendly to your wallet as it is to the environment!

Okay, so what’s the catch?

Although you’ll save money over time on your power bills, the initial investment might shock you. Unfortunately, another factor hiding within its humble shell is a steep price tag. You will pay more for this commercial refrigerator than its competition.

Keep in mind that with this hefty investment comes hefty rewards. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Unfortunately, another slight nuisance is the noise. If you run ragged every day in a busy kitchen, you are already familiar of that! It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker but is something you should be aware of before purchase.

Other than these two minimal deterrents, there are absolutely no other issues. It’s that simple!

Keep It Cool with the SABA CFD-1RR Single Door Commercial Refrigerator

Forget all of the hype surrounding the complex fridge counterparts. They aren’t necessary to bring a sleek, professional vibe to your cooking space. With this incredible industrial refrigerator, there’s no learning curve and a lifelong dependability!

It delivers an impressive aesthetic to your kitchen while remaining inconspicuous itself.

Although the price is steep, you’ll save time having it right by the cook line, and you’ll save money on the power bill! Most importantly, you’ll save a lot of hassle on maintenance and repair if things go south. The technicians that SABA trains are just as dependable as the machine itself!

Create your specialty dish in a snap with one of the best commercial refrigerators by your side. Once you get it, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

It might be a little bit noisy, but no louder than unhappy customers who aren’t getting the freshest food possible. Do what’s best for your kitchen today with this humble, hardworking fridge!

Buy The SABA CFD-1RR 29" One Section Solid Door Reach in Refrigerator Now

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