Whenever it comes to the juicer for the household, you might find a lot of options to go with but in case of the commercial juicer it gets a little bit Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicertougher to find the right one. Omega J8006 is one of the juicers which you might want to consider as one of the best in the category of commercial juicers. Not only due to the fact that, this is a commercial juicer, but also the features included are the reason why this is regarded as one of the best commercial juicers available in the market.

The Package

  • Comes with a motor
  • A Juicing screen
  • 2 cups one for the juice and another for the pulp
  • One blank plate
  • Brush for Cleaning
  • Special attachment for food processing


Features of the Omega J8006

  • Strong juicing screen made of Ultem
  • Apart from juicing you can use this for making the nut butter, make sorbet, crush your coffee beans, and even make pasta.
  • Comes with an warranty of 15 years
  • Runs on a motor that can be controlled with a gear controller
  • The rotation speed is only 80rpm.
  • You can store the juice for maximum 72 hours.

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Juicer and More

This is one of the reasons why the Omega J8006 is preferred as a professional juicer. Apart from helping you getting the juice from time to time, it can be really useful in other aspects as well.

  • Grind your coffee beans
  • You can try making breadcrumbs, linguini and spaghetti
  • Making nut butter, baby food and the frozen desserts might be a bit easy with this juicer.

Cleaning the Omega J8006

While selecting a juicer, you need to take into account another important aspect. That is the cleaning of the juicer. This is very important, because if the juicer is really difficult to clean, it will take your time and also if the juicer has a tendency of getting scratched or broken, then it will be a must that you handle it with care. But with the Omega J8006, cleaning is not a problem at all. You will need maximum of 2 mins to clean the whole thing off.


Omega J8006 Commercial Juicer

From the features of this commercial juicer, you must have got enough idea that this juicer has a lot of advantages:

  • Really simple to understand the use. There are only 4 parts to assemble and dismantle. This also makes the cleaning very easy and quick too.
  • The motor speed is restricted to 80 rpm.
  • The juice can stay fresh for 72 hours maximum but you will need a refrigerator for sure.
  • The amount of juice wasted is very little and also the pulp collected in the cup is really dry. This happens because of the multi stage juicing system.
  • The juice is really thick and healthy too.
  • With different attachments you can use this juicer for different purposes and can turn out to be really helpful.
  • It comes with few upgrades from its previous versions, like the juicer bowl is larger, the pulp bin is also larger, and it comes with a nice cover for the base of your juicer.
  • Comes with a warranty of 15 year, but the motor warranty is only 5 years long. So, 15 years might not be useful.


Well, whenever a product is launched, they bound to have some cons and this juicer is also not an exception, although the list of the problems is not really that long:

  • The Auger holds up nicely, but you might experience a break-in period initially. The edges also might somewhat wore down but it will not get worse than that.
  • You might find the chute to be really small. So, you need to make sure that the pieces that you enter inside the juicer are cut to small so that they fit in fine. Comparatively this juicer has a larger chute, but according to some, this one has a smaller one.
  • The customer service is good enough and the users have received prompt reply from their service providers.


So, if you are looking for a professional juicer and do not know which one you can choose, then you can certainly try the Omega J8006. Omega has a long history of serving their customers and this one will serve you not only as a commercial juicer, but also will be useful in other ways too. Overall, this juicer will be certainly a good choice for you and you surely can try this one without any problem at all.

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Don’t forget to buy warranty for your new Commercial Juicer

Buying warranty for kitchen supplies is always a good idea. We have written an article on which warranty to buy to fit your needs. You can read our article right here.

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