Iron Mountain CFD-2RR commercial refrigerator fridgeA commercial kitchen requires a variety of equipment. From a large oven range to serving dishes and glassware to cleaning materials, a restaurant stores many items. As a result, efficient kitchens thrive on a focus for organization. It should come as no surprise that dividing your perishables between industrial refrigerators and freezers saves time and money. The Iron Mountain CFD-2RR does just that!

A typical walk-in refrigerator contains more space than a reach-in fridge, making it perfect for bulk storage. However, employees don’t have to run back and forth from the walk-in fridge. This lets out cold air and increases floor traffic.

A convenient reach-in refrigerator can sit in the kitchen or near wait staff. Staff can move basic ingredients from bulk storage into a reach-in fridge each morning. Then cooks and wait staff can access items easily throughout the day.

The Iron Mountain CFD-2RR 54” Commercial Reach In Stainless Steel Refrigerator offers reliable, energy-efficient, and simple storage options for your kitchen organization. You have many options for a commercial refrigerator, so let’s break down what makes the CFD-2RR a top choice.

What Features Does the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR Have?

  • Two-door commercial fridges fit well into both medium and large kitchens. The installation is simple and doesn’t require any plumbing. For short-term food storage, reach-in refrigerators offer the most convenience for your staff.
  • These appliances are built with self-closing doors and large gaskets to prevent air loss, so staff can reach in over and over again without compromising the temperature inside. Reach-in refrigerators use a high horsepower design, but the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR’s Energy Star rating ensures appropriate energy usage in your kitchen. It’s also passes ETL and NSF standards.
  • These are standard features with all reach-in commercial refrigerators. Let’s see what makes the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR so unique!

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What Are the Pros of the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR?

The commercial market teems with endless options, but all you want is a reliable industrial refrigerator at a decent price. Your cooking and serving staff operates best when they don’t have to worry about finding the next ingredient.
Sure, the other fridges have some good assets, but there are many reasons to choose the CFD-2RR instead.

  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Automatic defrost.
  • Error code diagnosis.
  • Adjustable and sturdy interior shelving.
  • No-stoop bottom shelf.
  • Easy cleaning.

The Iron Mountain CFD-2RR’s simple interface makes temperature and errors easy to monitor. Inside, PVC-coated shelves are adjustable, allowing your staff to kneel or stoop to reach the items on the bottom shelf.

The commercial fridge is made of stainless steel, which means it’s durable, rust resistant, and easy to clean. Cleaning underneath is as simple as pushing it aside, and the caster rollers on bottom make this easy. You can also access the condenser coil in order to clean or service the commercial refrigerator.

Finally, it uses a bottom-mount compressor. This means it’s excellent for hot kitchens and has additional storage on top of the unit.

These features create a nearly perfect fridge, but it does have a few downsides.

Iron Mountain CFD-2RR commercial refrigerator fridge

What Are the Cons of the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR?

We know that the commercial refrigerator is a dependable machine. However, there are a few minor design decisions that may affect more scrupulous restaurant owners.

  • Solid doors (rather than glass).
  • Can easily clog.
  • Less interior space than other models of its size.

These issues aren’t specific to the CFD-2RR. In general, solid doors stay open longer than units with glass doors, because staff can locate their item before opening the refrigerator. Bottom-mount compressors clog easily in bakeries or dusty areas because of their proximity to the floor. Additionally, bottom-mount compressors take up more interior space, resulting in less space for storage.

These downsides are less about this specific unit and more about what works best in your kitchen. All industrial fridges with solid doors and bottom-mount compressors will have the same issues.

A Simple and Reliable Commercial Refrigerator

Sometimes you don’t need extra bells and whistles. An industrial fridge has one purpose: it keeps things cold in a busy kitchen. The Iron Mountain CFD-2RR offers a steadfast machine with a versatile interior, optimizing the commercial refrigerator.

Unless you own a bakery or prefer the aesthetic quality of glass doors, this affordable industrial refrigerator is an absolute must! It’s durable, easy to clean, and takes seconds to adjust. If you’re ready to take your restaurant to the next level, this industrial fridge will not disappoint!

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Don’t forget to buy warranty for your new Commercial Refrigerator

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