EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar commercial refrigerator fridgeThese days, it’s crucial to start thinking “outside the grid.” There’s been a scary trend of record breaking natural disasters. As a result, there’s a rising interest in creative living spaces, mobile lifestyles, and self-sufficient homes. Now you can go green with the solar powered EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE commercial refrigerator.

Do you want to prepare for the worst or just enjoy modern refrigeration on a boat in the Pacific? The EcoSolarCool solar refrigerator could be just the commercial fridge for you!

Unlike conventional residential and industrial fridges, the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar fridge can work using the power of the sun. But how does that even work and how does it compare to a normal refrigerator?

The Advantages of Solar Refrigeration

The main difference between your fridge and a solar fridge is the source – and type – of power it uses. A conventional AC refrigerator plugs into your wall, which connects to your area’s power grid. That means when the grid goes down, you’re left without access to fresh foods and cold drinks.

DC Power

Don’t fret! The EcoSolarCool 9.2 cu ft Solar fridge has your back. Rather than jumping on the AC “bandwagon,” the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE professional fridge runs on DC power. It solves the problem of trusting a power grid but with a cost: DC current requires local power sources.

What does all of this mean?

The EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 cubic feet commercial refrigerator changes the rules of the game! It lets you keep your foods crisp with your solar panel, the proper battery, and a solar charge controller.


If being solar wasn’t enough, the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar fridge is eco-friendly! It uses a coolant that doesn’t harm the environment or burn more fossil fuels. You’ll also be able to sleep at night knowing that your connection to the grid will remain stable. You’ll never wake up to a rotten jug of your favorite coffee creamer!

Finally, investing in an EcoSolarCool refrigerator could even increase your property value! What exactly could make a machine that valuable?

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What Features does the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar Refrigerator Have?

Made in Europe, the EcoSolarCool 9.2 cu ft Solar fridge stands out as a solar option for the self-sustainer. A power consumption rate of 0.55kWh per day and a super-efficient Danfoss compressor helps save your money and Mother Nature!

Amazingly, the EcoSolarCool line is the only collection of solar fridges that follow US and Canadian UL250 and CSA standards!

In addition to its efficiency, the EcoSolarCool has a sleek, upright design to help meet its customer’s desires. TheEcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar model maximizes space for all of your fresh foods and drinks. Also, a small freezer makes up the upper portion, which you can easily access while the door is open.

The door for the EcoSolarCool fridge is also reversible! Despite where you want to put it, its design will work for you!

EcoSolarCool 9.2 cu ft Solar commercial refrigerator fridge

What are the Pros of the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 Cubic Feet Solar Refrigerator?

Let’s take a look at what makes this solar refrigerator shine among the competition.


  • Sound price for a solar fridge
  • Highly efficient
  • DC power only
  • No inverter necessary to convert DC to AC power

You can see that there are many reasons to buy the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE Solar refrigerator. However, this modern home and commercial refrigerator comes with a few qualms.

What are the Cons of the EcoSolarCool Refrigerator?

Even with high-ratings, every product has some downsides. Let’s look at some of the potential drawbacks of the EcoSolarCool solar refrigerator.


  • Cannot plug into AC power
  • Shipping can take 4 weeks or longer, depending on where you live
  • May be small for a large house or industrial refrigerator uses with its 9.2 cubic feet of storage
  • You must have a solar panel, battery, and a solar charge controller

As you can see, this product might not be for everyone. For someone who wants refrigeration off the grid, however, the EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 cubic feet Solar refrigerator is hard to beat.

Final Thoughts

There is always so much to consider when purchasing a new fridge. You need something that is worth its cost. A product that works hard, but also works well. Finally, a household or commercial refrigerator should be made with its users in mind.

Fortunately, the EcoSolarCool refrigerator can offer you all of this and so much more! The EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 cubic feet Solar fridge is a stylish, efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to meet your off-grid life. Whether you are in an RV, on a boat, or down on the farm, the EcoSolarCool gets the job done!

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