Your Dreams Come True: The Cadco OV-013 Compact Half Size Convection Oven with Manual Controls

Cadco OV-013 Compact Half Size Commercial Convection OvenIf you don’t believe you can create professional-grade meals and snacks in your own kitchen, you’re wrong. You need a reliable, durable machine that pumps out delectable dishes while serving as an appealing centerpiece for your countertop! What could possibly defeat your regular oven at creating everything from classic comforts to obscure culinary experiments? Well, the Cadco OV-013 could!

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not exactly magic, but it comes pretty close!

This Cadco convection oven receives consistent praise from restaurant, café, and bakery owners year after year. At first, the price might seem a little steep, but it’s well worth the investment. Once you see what it’s capable of, you’ll wish you’d bought it sooner.
Your meals and snacks cook quicker at lower temperatures compared to your regular oven. This saves you time in the kitchen and some extra money on your monthly bills! Its compact size also allows you to pack it anywhere you want fresh bread, pizza, roasts, and pastries.
Wherever there is electricity, the Cadco OV-013 gives you the opportunity to produce phenomenal treats for all your friends and family. You won’t believe the tremendous difference until you taste it for yourself!

Features of the Cadco OV-013 Compact Half Size Convection Oven with Manual Controls

So what exactly goes into this oven that makes it such an amazing machine?

  • Stainless Steel

A heavy-duty stainless steel shell and interior does more than contribute to the sleek appeal. It’s also proactive in improving the durability of the machine. Throughout the years, owners continually testify to its long lifespan. If you want a machine to endure with you and your adventures, this is the one.

  • Simple Design for Astounding Results

Forget all those overrated bells and whistles that other ovens boast to boost sales. Complex electronics make the learning curve steeper and are more likely to blow out when you need them the most. These problems are nonexistent in the sturdy, simple design of this Cadco oven.
Even better, it won’t cause you any hassle. The learning curve is nearly absent thanks to its simple design. However, don’t confuse simple with subpar – this oven will prove your doubts wrong time after time!
On the face, you’ll find two knobs. One to set temperature between 175 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the other to set a timer up to 60 minutes. After it’s set, you can sit back and let it perform its magic! The stainless steel coincides with a specially made fan cage to improve air flow, retain heat, and ensure even cooking.

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This all sounds great, but guess what? There are even more benefits to being an owner of this Cadco oven!

  • Ultimate Health and Safety Standards

Whether you’re expecting a health inspector or not, this Cadco oven meets extremely strict NSF, CSA, MET, and UL standards. It truly speaks volumes to the care and effort put forth into creating such a masterpiece. Regardless of what you want to cook, you can rest easy knowing your health and safety are secure.

  • Roomy, Visible Cooking Chamber

Also, there will be plenty of space for anything you want to roast, bake, or cook! The spacious cooking chamber can accommodate three half-size sheet pans. If you’re an anxious cook, you can watch your pans the entire time through the thermal glass door.

  • Effortless Cleaning

Finally, once all the food is out of the oven and on the table, Cadco makes it so easy to clean up. Nearly everything can come out or off of the oven – including the door and its glass – to get a deep, thorough clean. Many kitchen appliances accumulate grease and grime through the years in narrow crevices and corners. As long as you’ve got a little elbow grease, you can keep this machine looking shiny and new for years!

So What’s the Catch?

It all sounds too good to be true, right? Although it’s hard to find complaints, there are a couple of snags.

  • Crazy Alarm

If you have sleeping babies or anxiety issues, you might want to avoid this oven. The timer alarm beeps several times very loudly and there is absolutely no way to turn it off. To quote many customers, the alarm will “drive you crazy.”
If you’re able to tune out the noise, then that’s great. Otherwise, there is a loophole to the annoying timer. Plug the oven into a power strip. Then when the alarm starts blaring, push the switch on the power strip.

  • Does Not Broil

The only other snag to this machine is a very small one. Do you need to broil food items? Well, that’s one setting that isn’t available on this model. However, you can still roast, bake, and cook.
So that’s it – lack of a broil setting and a slightly annoying alarm. These have no effect on the overall functionality of this powerhouse oven at all!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Don’t go on another RV trip or family gathering without this oven! Even if you just want a fulfilling late-night snack, this Cadco product will not disappoint you. It has everything you need without any unnecessary extras. Your kitchen needs the upgrade and you deserve only the most flavorful, charming meals on your plate every day!

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Don’t forget to buy warranty for your new Commercial Convection Oven

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