The Breville 800JEXL is the best commercial juicer for juicing whole fruits and vegetables. It has been categorized under the fastest juicers and completes your task in a jiffy, without creating much mess. The juicer has two speeds, one setting for soft and the other for hard fruits and vegetables. It is very easy to operate and maintain. The juicer is also quite heavy and therefore stays steady on counter tops.

Features of the Breville 800JEXLBreville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Commercial Juicer

  • The juicer comes with a limited 1-year warranty
  • It is made in Australia and is, therefore, an assurance of quality
  • The juicer is made out of quality materials and built to last beyond the warranty period
  • The juicer has a very large pulp container of 3.2 quarts
  • The jug used for juice collection has a capacity of 1 liter. It also has a foam separator so that the foam does not go into the jug
  • The professional juicer can be used in two different settings according to the type of food you are processing
  • 6500 RPM is the lowest setting and is used for processing soft foods. The higher setting is 13000 RPM and is used for harder items like carrots, apples, and beets
  • The machine has a very strong and sturdy built. It is made of heavy duty, die cast metal construction. Some parts are made out of plastic, but you can also get replace them with stainless steel ones. However, the stainless steel parts have to be bought separately
  • The cutting disc is made out of stainless steel and reinforced with titanium. The blades are therefore very sharp and strong, thus making Breville 800JEXL the best commercial juicer in the market
  • The chute for feeding in fruits and vegetables into the juicer is 3.3 inches wide. This makes it possible to send whole fruits down the chute. Therefore, only the bigger fruits are required to be chopped for the juicing.
  • You should always use a pusher to push the chopped fruits and vegetables down the chute. Never use hands, even though it may be tempting
  • The juice extracted from the Breville 800JEXL has 40% more minerals and vitamins as compared to the other juicers

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What makes the Breville 800JEXL the Best Commercial Juicer

  • The Breville 800JEXL yields 30% more juice than other juicers
  • The juicer has a safety locking mechanism. The unit does not come to power until and unless you have it locked. This also keeps you from overloading the juicer. When the motor is turned off, the unit automatically stops working
  • Every part of this professional juicer is made of high-grade building material and can withstand constant pressure without giving in. The juicer works flawlessly for at least 3 years
  • The juicer comes expensive, but the durability and the amounts of produces you will be able to save itself will make up for the initial cost
  • It has a dimension of 9 by 16 by 16.5 inches. This makes the juicer somewhat bulky as well as heavy. This affects the portability of the juicer. Therefore, they need to be stationed at a fixed point. However, there are a number of other juicers that are much bulkier as compared to the Breville 800JEXL.
  • The Breville 800JEXL commercial juicer is extremely easy to use. It has only two settings, which reduces a lot of confusion. It can be used for almost all produces including the green leafy vegetables such as kale, wheat grass, and spinach
  • The juice obtained is free of pulp and foam. The flavors are also not altered during the process
  • The parts are very easy to disassemble and clean. Some of the parts are even dishwasher safe
  • You can ease your cleaning process by inserting a bag into the pulp container. This will reduce a lot of mess and hassle during the cleanup
  • Has superior noise insulation. The nose is almost reduced to a dull humming and is not at all disruptive or distracting


  • It works very fast. Allows you to extract juices within secondsBreville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor
  • It has a dual setting for soft and hard fruits
  • Has an extra wide chute
  • Has a durable building material and sturdy design
  • The plastic used is BPA free
  • All the parts except for the food pusher are dishwasher safe
  • Large pulp collector and juice jug
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Very safe to be used
  • The cord remains hidden when not used, thus giving the unit a very neat appearance.


  • It is an expensive juicer
  • It is a centrifugal juicer. Therefore, the juice extracted is prone to a higher rate of oxidation. This reduces the shelf life of the juice
  • Cannot be used for green leafy vegetables
  • Has a very short warranty period

Conclusion – A Great Professional Juicer Solution

The Breville 800JEXL has a minimal yet super stylish design. It allows you to prepare glasses of fresh juice within seconds, anytime during the day. It can, therefore, come in very handy if you are looking to maintain a healthy diet. This commercial juicer can be used with a long list of fruits and vegetables and also doubles up as a multiple food processing unit when used with the right attachments.

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Don’t forget to buy warranty for your new Commercial Juicer

Buying warranty for kitchen supplies is always a good idea. We have written an article on which warranty to buy to fit your needs. You can read our article right here.

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