Best Commercial Refrigerators • Top 6 Industrial Fridges for Business & Professional use

Best Commercial RefrigeratorsDoes there never seem to be enough space for all of your food and beverages? Walk-in coolers offer plenty of space, but it’s no fun racing for extra ingredients during a big rush. There has to be a better way! Believe it or not, there is a way to keep a large bulk of your food nearby so you can get those orders out on time. Today, we take a look at the 6 best commercial refrigerators for business and industrial use.

A Commercial Refrigerator can Help you Accomplish this, and also:

  • Provide fridge space for office employees
  • Function ergonomically inside of food trucks
  • Boost volunteer services for churches and other organizations
  • Offer easily accessible product storage for small stores and distribution companies
  • And so much more!

Since buying a commercial fridge can be a hefty financial sacrifice, you should know what you’re getting into before you start shopping. Every kitchen has its own personality, and you can guarantee you’ll find one that suits yours perfectly!

Although they aren’t very complex machines, there are small discretions of which you should be aware. The smallest touches make the biggest difference.

What Makes the Best Commercial Refrigerators?

At first glance, it seems like there are more parallels than not from one industrial fridge to another. You’ll find this frustratingly true at the beginning of your search. However, there are slight variances from one to another. Review this list carefully to determine which ones are most useful for your culinary adventures.

The Energy Star Sticker

We see the Energy Star label on appliances just about everywhere. An industrial refrigerator must meet or exceed all of the strict Energy Star requirements before donning their famous label. If your final decision on a fridge is a close call, choose the one with the Energy Star sticker. Despite price differences between products, the Energy Star certified fridge will save you money in the long run.
It’s friendly to the environment and noticeably impacts your bank statement. Having the Energy Star Sticker gives a huge bumb to become one of the best Commercial Refrigerators

Top-mount vs. Bottom-mount

Top and bottom mount refers to the location of the condenser. Believe it or not, this does make a huge difference depending on your personal kitchen setup.


A top-mount commercial fridge is best for dry storage areas that are prone to spills and dusty floors. Although they are less energy efficient and harder to clean, it maximizes space and ease of maintenance. Placing the condenser, evaporator, and compressor altogether at the top means no refrigerant lines and easier access.

Since this is all found up top, it’s very unlikely that dust and debris will find its way into the condenser fan. Even though it can be shoulder-wrenching work to clean a top-mount fridge, you won’t have to do it very often.


A bottom-mount fridge works best in hot areas, and cooking lines since the condenser will be safe from grease-laden steam. Beyond this, cleaning and maintenance can easily be done by one person and it’s energy efficient! Since heat rises, the floor is the coolest spot, meaning your compressor will use less power to maintain a crisp temperature.

However, its proximity to the floor also means it’s prone to suck in dust and debris. It also means running longer refrigerant lines to the condenser, evaporator and back.


Although there are varying measurements for each fridge, you’ll want to narrow the size down by the number of doors. We have chosen 3 of each kind in our top 6 best Commercial Refrigerators. Depending on how much space is in your kitchen and how much you need to store, you can choose from:

SABA Air CFD-2RR Heavy Duty 54" Two Section Solid Door Stainless Steel Reach in Commercial Refrigerator--Capacity: 46.5 Cu. Ft.

The SABA Air CFD-2RR – An example of a Commercial Refrigerator


If you store a variety of foods and liquids, a dual-door fridge performs better at preventing freezer burn and spoiling. Two separate compartments also allows you to prevent strong odors from contaminating the wrong food. Although your bank account will feel the sting, the investment will pay off over time.

The extra space is invaluable. You’ll find that you can produce and sell more than ever before! It’s more convenient than a deep freeze cooler, more durable than a conventional fridge, and sleeker than your other appliances.

Update your restaurant or other major business with one today!

But wait! What if you want to improve your kitchen but don’t need a behemoth?

SABA CFD-1RR Single Door Commercial Refrigerator

The SABA CFD-1RR – An example of a Commercial Refrigerator


Save the bank and your floor space with a single-door model. Since they offer less storage space, they come at a smaller price. However, good things come in small packages, right?

These models are not only slimmer, sleeker, and generally easy on the eye, but they’re easy on the environment too! Their small size allows them to be more versatile than the big machines. It’s so easy to find one that suits your personal situation.

Energy efficiency also translates to a sigh of relief when you open the power bill. These cool runners get the job done modestly, saving you a lot of hassle!

Best Double Door Industrial Refrigerators

Some dual door commercial refrigerators offer a dual-temperature function. This means that you can have separate temperature settings for each side. Since each side has its own coolant system, this means that lower humidity from the colder side won’t reach into the warmer side.

Without this humidity control, foods will spoil quicker than they should and be more susceptible to freezer burn. No matter what you need to keep cold, you can guarantee it will stay fresh longer in a dual-temperature fridge!

Additionally, having two separate compartments keeps strong odors – like sauerkraut or onions – from contaminating other foods.

Even if the dual-temperature option is not available, you are still getting more storage space than a single-door fridge. However, that extra space will cost some extra dollars. You have to spend money to make money, right? Review our Top 6 best Commercial Refrigerators picks below to find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Iron Mountain CFD-2RR commercial refrigerator fridge

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the Mountain CFD-2RR

Taking It Easy: Iron Mountain CFD-2RR

Do you want to protect your knees and save a lot of time? Additional upper storage and elevated lower storage in this commercial refrigerator will save you a lot of hassle! It offers 47 cubic feet of space with six shelves at a depth of 32.2”. It’s just the right amount of space for all of your vegetables, doughs, meats, cheeses, and drinks!

Save even more time with the bottom-mount condenser! It’s perfect to set right on the cooking line to keep your ingredients within arm’s reach. This convenience extends into maintenance too! When it starts acting funny, there are built in error codes to diagnose any service issues.

Since it’s a bottom-mount machine, the condenser is easy to access for repairs and cleaning. However, all of this accessibility comes at a steeper price than the competition. The good news is, if you’re willing to dole out the extra dollars you come out ahead with free shipping!

Don’t let arthritic pain and other annoying aches stop you from doing what you love. Rediscover your love for cooking again with this industrial refrigerator!


  • Error Codes Aid in Diagnosing Service Issues
  • “No Stoop” Lower Shelf
  • High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel


  • More expensive than competition
  • Debris from the floor can clog the compressor

Best Features:

  • Additional Storage Up Top
  • Free Shipping
  • Does Not Require Plumbing for Installation

Buy the Iron Mountain CFD-2RR commercial refrigerator Now

WP Restaurant Fridges MBF8005 commercial refrigerator

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the WP Restaurant Fridges MBF8005

The Break Room Buddy: WP Restaurant Fridges MBF8005

After a long morning in the office, lunch is often a greatly appreciated break from forms, files, and emails. What’s worse than getting to the break room only to find your tuna salad squished in the back of a cramped mini-fridge? It doesn’t have to be this way.

A top-mount compressor functions aesthetically and ergonomically in your boring, old break room. Since the entire coolant system is on top, you won’t have to install bulky refrigerant lines. To save even more space, the sleek, recessed door handles retain function and prevent busted elbows!

The whole office can fit their lunch in this machine that holds up to 65-lb per shelf. Its 49 cubic feet of space stretches around six shelves with depths of 33”. Hold up, that’s not even the best part! It runs so quietly you can leave the break room after lunch without ringing ears!

Call the accounting department today and tell them not to worry about that year-end budget. There’s a new addition for the break room that everyone will love!


  • Digital Temperature Display and Adjustment
  • Convenient as a Residential or Industrial Fridge
  • Runs Very Quiet


  • Complaints of US service support
  • More difficult to clean than bottom-mount fridges

Best Features:

  • Meets NSF and Energy Star Safety Standards
  • Steel Casters Underneath for Easy Movement
  • Does Not Require Plumbing for Installation

Buy the WP Restaurant Fridges MBF-8005 Now

SABA Air CFD-2RR Heavy Duty 54" Two Section Solid Door Stainless Steel Reach in Commercial Refrigerator--Capacity: 46.5 Cu. Ft.

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the SABA Air CFD-2RR

The Mean Machine: 54” SABA Air CFD-2RR Heavy Duty

Coming in at 46.5 cubic feet, this beast of a fridge can handle the roughest environments. Its bottom-mount condenser makes it perfect to use right by your cooking area to make popular ingredients easily accessible. Inside, you’ll have a depth of 32.3” on six different shelves. Reinforcing these shelves are fortified shelf clips to handle all of your heavy-duty work.

During this work, you won’t have to pause to make sure it seals properly. Grab what you want and keep moving while the self-closing doors take care of themselves! It’s just another innovative way to keep your ingredients fresh and crisp.

Although it offers slightly less storage space than the competition, you won’t be paying any extra for the heavy-duty build. Increase the potential of your rough and tumble kitchen with this industrial refrigerator today!


  • Digital Temperature LCD Display and Adjustment
  • Self-Closing Door
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Debris from the floor can clog compressor
  • Less Space than Competitors

Best Features:

  • NSL, ETL, and Energy Star certified
  • Steel Casters Underneath for Easy Movement
  • Fortified Shelf Clips

Buy the commercial Refrigerator from Amazon

Best Single Door Professional Fridges

Did you see the perfect commercial fridge in that list, but it was just a little bit too big? If there’s a limit on your available floor space or budget, you should consider a single-door industrial fridge. They’re simpler and slightly more energy efficient.

The major similarity is that both single and duel-door fridges operate between 33 – 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’re probably used to seeing the slim single-doors at gas stations and grocery stores as drink coolers. They also display cold wraps, cakes, cheeses, and meats at your favorite deli. For any food truck, vacation home, or church, a single-door industrial refrigerator reliably operates to keep you running efficiently.

Which one of these is perfect for your small kitchen? Let’s find the best commercial refrigerators for smaller kitchens!

EcoSolarCool 9.2 cu ft Solar commercial refrigerator fridge

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the EcoSolarCool Solar Refrigerator

The Self-Sustainer’s Icebox: EcoSolarCool ESCR260GE 9.2 cubic-foot Solar Refrigerator

Do you dream of your very own cabin by the lake? Perhaps a boathouse on the bayou is more your style. No matter where you like to make your great escapes, there’s a single-door commercial fridge to keep you fed!

If you have a solar power panel, batter, and charge controller, you won’t want any other fridge! The solar power isn’t the only environment-friendly aspect of this sleek machine. Its condenser uses environment-friendly coolant too.

Beyond its fantastic energy efficiency, it’s probably the most ergonomically satisfying refrigerator on this list. This innovative commercial fridge has a reversible door. What does that mean exactly? It means you can have the hinges on either side of the fridge. No matter where you decide to put it, the door will accommodate the space!

Start your off-the-grid dream today with this energy efficient industrial fridge! It’s a purchase you can feel good about while you appreciate your shrunken carbon footprint. This fridge is certainly one of the best Commercial Refrigerators, especially if you would like to go green.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Competitive Price
  • Alternative Energy Option


  • Requires a solar panel with battery and solar charge controller
  • Does not plug into AC power
  • Small size is inconvenient for industrial uses

Best Features:

  • Environment-friendly coolant
  • Meets US and Canadian UL250 and CSA standards
  • Reversible door

Buy the EcoSolarCool Solar refrigerator 9.2 cu ft Now

Atosa MBF8004 Single Door Commercial Refrigerator

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the Atosa USA MBF8004

Tough as Nails: Atosa USA MBF8004 29” Single Door Industrial Refrigerator

Do you have heavy pans of food that overwhelm your normal fridge? Deep coolers are an okay alternative, but digging through them is such a headache. Believe it or not, you can store your heaviest items without worry in this amazing industrial refrigerator!

Donning three heavy-duty shelves with a 34” depth and 155-lb weight capacity each, this machine can manage just about everything. Once you adjust the shelves to your liking, there’s even room at the bottom for more food and drinks!

If you run a busy kitchen that gets dirty quick, you won’t have to worry about grimy gaskets. Magnetic door gaskets make cleaning, repair, and replacement a breeze! You couldn’t ask for more convenience in a hectic kitchen.

Put this hefty machine to the test with everything you’ve got today! It’ll stand strong day in and day out without fail.


  • Magnetic Door Gaskets
  • Heavy-Duty Compressor
  • Additional Lower Storage


  • Only ships to the curb – you are responsible for bringing it inside.

Best Features:

  • ETL, NSF, and Energy Star certified
  • CFC-Free Refrigerants
  • 155-lb maximum per shelf

Buy The Atosa USA MBF8004 Upright Refrigerator Now

SABA CFD-1RR Single Door Commercial Refrigerator

Click the picture to read our full and in-depth review of the SABA CFD-1RR

A Modest Approach: SABA CFD-1RR 29” Single Door Professional Refrigerator

Does your food bank, shelter, or church always seem to be running out of space in the fridge? When you want to keep your kitchen simple yet appealing, you don’t have to opt for cheap brands. There’s a commercial refrigerator that will last through all of your projects and charities for years to come!

This bottom-mount model offers 23 cubic feet of space on three shelves with 32” of depth. Week after week, keeping it clean is a snap with its innovative design. Stainless steel shines inside and out, deterring every splash and spill made in the busiest of rushes. Even the condenser is easy to access, clean, and maintain.

The inner design extends these cleaning conveniences and sleek sheen with round corners. With a little bit of elbow grease, you’ll never have cooking grease gunk up in any creases!

Years from now, it will still look brand new and nationally available technicians can help you keep it operating like new! Put a new edge on your charity work with this modest machine today! It’s the most beautiful tax break you’ll find for a long time.


  • Error Codes Diagnose Service Issues
  • Nationwide SABA Technicians available
  • Additional Upper Storage


  • More expensive than competition
  • Slightly Noisy

Best Features:

  • Energy Star rated
  • Stainless Steel Interior/Exterior

Buy The SABA CFD-1RR 29" One Section Solid Door Reach in Refrigerator Now

Stay Cool with the Best Commercial Refrigerators

Are you ready for a fresh change in the kitchen? If not, you should be!

Here’s why:

  • A commercial fridge pays itself off by preserving your foods longer than what you have now
  • Their standard features would cost you hundreds more on a conventional fridge
  • Besides these practical benefits, they just look good
  • It’s the change you never knew you needed

Regardless of how long you’ve ran your business or organization, a commercial refrigerator gives your kitchen a professional feel. Stainless steel is a major attribute to their beauty, which means are easy to get shiny for all of those health inspections! So here they are! Our top 6 best Commercial Refrigerators fit for your business or kitchen!

Don’t think twice about it! Spice up your routine and kitchen dynamics with a commercial fridge today. The longer you wait, the more you’ll regret it!


Don’t forget to buy warranty for your new Commercial Refrigerator

Buying warranty for kitchen supplies is always a good idea. We have written an article on which warranty to buy to fit your needs. You can read our article right here.

Click to find a warranty fitting to your situation

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