Microwaves are the essential but underappreciatedAmana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven appliance that can be found in any kitchen. The functions of a microwave are sometimes very crucial in the process of preparing and serving food, more so even in commercial kitchens. Some commercial chefs feel like using the microwave may be the easy way out and feels like cheating to them, however nothing could be further from the truth. When used correctly, a microwave can not only enhance but innovate the way your food is made and heated up.

When it comes to commercial use microwave ovens, choosing the right appliance becomes a very hard task. The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is a very stylish looking and powerful commercial microwave oven. This oven has been designed to focus on power, durability and ease of maintenance. All of these qualities are essential in a commercial microwave and great for use in medium load professional kitchens.

The Main Features of the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven

The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is a great staple oven that can be used for maximum functionality in a medium load commercial kitchen. Here some of the highlighted features that come with the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven:

Easy to Operate and Maintain

One of the biggest grievances of buying and using a commercial grade microwave oven for most consumers is that it is usually very hard to operate. Most commercial grade microwave ovens come loaded with extra features that are highly confusing. The consumers have to often end up reading entire manuals just to learn how to operate and master the simplest functions.

The biggest drawback that comes with this hindrance is that it is a time thief. In a commercial kitchen things are usually moving at an incredibly unmatchable fast pace. So if in that fast paced and professional environment, if your microwave is taking so much of your precious time in just learning how to use the most basic features, then it is a big failure. You cannot afford to lose even a few precious seconds of time in a commercial kitchen. This is where the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven comes in to increase convenience and address this issue.

Handling with Ease

The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is very easy to handle and it barely takes any time to learn how to control it and get the hang of it. It has a classic microwave style time dial that you can twist and set the timing for your heating cycle. It comes with a sufficiently bright LED display panel that conveniently shows you the time remaining for your heat cycle.

The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is also very easy to clean and keep maintained at a proper condition. The exterior body of the microwave oven, as well as the interior walls in the containment, are made up of stainless steel material which is very slippery and incredibly easy to wash the stains off from. Even the door is made up of stain proof glass which is very easy to wipe down and clean between uses.

Thoughtful Design

You may think that the design of a microwave oven must be inconsequential and of little importance, however, in many cases it can dictate not only the durability of your microwave oven but also its performance. The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is one of those appliances that was designed very thoughtfully, keeping a number of important factors in mind.

The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven has a clearly see through door with a glass panel that allows you to look at your food inside in full view without any obstructions. TIt also has plenty of lighting inside of the cavity, both in the front and rear ends. These ample lights illuminate the inside of the microwave oven perfectly so that you can easily look inside at the food.

The Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is also designed with ceramic edges that serve to keep away any kind of crumbs that may get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the oven. Like few other practical microwave ovens, the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven also comes with an easy grab and go handle. The color and stainless steel exterior design makes this microwave oven blend right into many different types of kitchens.

Why You Must Buy the Amana RMS10DS 

Commercial Microwave Oven

The biggest trouble in buying appliances like the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven is that the customers find it hard to see the usability and applications of the product before actually for then. Here some extra features and reasons that will convince you on why you should be buying the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven.

  • Large inside capacity of 0.8 cubic feet
  • Stainless steels exterior and interior that not only looks good but is also great to keep clean and maintained
  • Comes with an easy to use and stylish looking dial for setting heat timer
  • High end materials used that make it very durable
  • The see through door of the microwave allows the food to be conveniently viewed while being cooked or heated
  • Big and sturdy door handle that makes it easy to open the microwave in a very busy commercial kitchen.
  • Comes with crumbs eliminating ceramic shelf design that helps keep the oven clean at all times
  • Very easy to learn how to use

Some Negatives of the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven

No appliance is perfect, especially not those that are designed for staple and simplistic usage like the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven. Here are some negative points about this commercial microwave oven to consider before buying it:

  • Some consumers find the Amana RMS10DS Commercial Microwave Oven a bit noisy during operation
  • Interior fan turns on while opening door and makes noise
  • Not suitable for large batches
  • More simplistic than preferences of some of the customers
  • The timer settings are limited to 6 minutes at the maximum, which is a lower choice comparatively


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